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December 03, 2001 04:41

For Craig Harmon, founder and director of the Lincoln Highway National Museum and Archives in Galion, Ohio, the recent snowy weather is another challenge on his drive from New York to San Fransico on the Lincoln Highway in the nation's most famous firetruck. Harmon stopped and visited with local firefighters on Tuesday. 

Dec 3 2001 12:00AM  By By Aimee Hamblin Pioneer Editor 
As part of his journey, he is collecting fire helmets signed by firefighters across the nation for a monument in New York. He also stopped to enjoy a little heat (the cab of the firetruck is open) and fuel the truck. Harmon is making the journey in the "Spirit of the Lincoln Way" a 1964 Maxim fire- truck with a 100-foot ladder. On arrival, he lifted the ladder into the sky with a United States flag waving in the air as a show of patriotism. The "Spirit of the Lincoln Way" was most recently seen in Washington, D.C., rolling down Pennsylvania Avenue in the Inaugural Parade for President George W. Bush. Harmon began the trip one year ago, but was unable to finish. This year, he started up where he left off in July and hopes to finish the last leg of the journey by Christmas. He is following the Lincoln Highway-America's first transcontinental highway- a 3,400 mile route. The goals of the trip are to commemorate the 85th anniversary of the Lincoln Highway film and flag trip. The idea is to raise the flag in all 450 towns on the highway, and to form an unbroken "Link Across America." President Abraham Lincoln is riding along with Harmon in spirit and in an artifact which features Lincoln's photo and a locket of his hair. The trip this year has taken on another meaning as firemen throughout the country unite to salute those lost in the Sept. 11 attacks. Harmon has collected fire helmets at all of his stops.

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