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Local resident Norm Sayler captured this picture as the Lincoln Highway Fire Truck provides help to the Donner Summit Fire Department. Craig Harmon, driving a 1964 Maxam Ladder Truck, is touring the Historic “Lincoln Highway” on his cross country trip. Craig is nearing the end of a trip that began at the Atlantic Ocean in New York in 2000, and after many delays along the way he is about to complete his journey to the Pacific Ocean in San Francisco.

Stopping to participate in local activities whenever possible, Craig and his ladder truck help to erect the Donner Summit Fire Department Volunteer annual picnic banner over Old Highway 40 (Donner Pass Road) in downtown Soda Springs. The Donner Summit Fire Department Volunteers will hold their annual 4th of July picnic at Donner Summit Lodge on July 6th this year. Come enjoy great food, family fun and a chance to see the fire equipment up close.




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