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D + 3 : Day off in San Francisco

Today, the 30 Traction stay in San Francisco.
You can follow in live, all the stages of this extraordinary travel (links below).

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21 July : Santa Cruz- San Francisco.
Cool riding along some absolutely breathtaking
sceneries, and then, the most remarquable
Citroen meeting ever held in California .


Will our classic Citroen cars
be able to cross Death Valley ?

Will they make it safely
to Monument Valley ?

We'll know it within 3 days...

  The July 19, 2002, a group of 30 international teams on board of their own classic CitroŽn cars (from 1934 to 1957), leaves from Los Angeles for a long and hot crossing of United States up to New York, on a 4,500 miles route.

  You can follow daily the adventures of this group of adventurous families from Juy 19 to August 12, and discover their anecdotes, dramas and encounters...
  These encounters will be charged with emotions because these Europeans will visit some of the last WW II American veterans, with the same cars of this period, to officially thank them (See the "Thank You" Certificate) and pay tribute to their help and sacrifices from 1944 onwards.