Congressman Michael G. Oxley
Fourth Ohio District

JANUARY 20, 2001

WASHINGTON -- Praising the call for "a single nation of justice and opportunity," U.S. Rep. Michael G. Oxley (R-Findlay) today hailed the inauguration of George W. Bush as the 43rd President of the United States.

"In his inaugural address, President Bush pledged to bring America together through civility and character," Oxley said.  "His vision is of a country where every person has the opportunity to succeed, and where no one is left behind.  President Bush has come to Washington to unite, rather than divide."

The theme of the inaugural ceremonies was "Celebrating America's Spirit Together."  Hundreds of thousands of people, including Oxley and a sizeable delegation from Ohio, gathered in front of the U.S. Capitol to witness the swearing-in of President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney.

Oxley said that he is looking forward to helping President Bush move his agenda of "compassionate conservatism" through Congress.  "The President is proposing needed tax relief that will bolster the economy and rightfully return a portion of the budget surplus to taxpayers.  He is offering a bold plan to make sure every child receives a quality education.  He wants to reform Social Security to make sure it truly meets retirement needs.  And I think it is particularly important that he is committed to a strong defense that secures America's place in the world."

Oxley noted that not since 1954 have Republicans been in charge of the Presidency, the House of Representatives, and the Senate.  "I'm mindful that we have been presented with both an opportunity and responsibility.  I urge Republicans and Democrats to work together in the best interests of the country."

As the new Chairman of the House Committee on Financial Services, Oxley will cooperate closely with the Administration on financial and economic affairs.  "I plan on addressing the savings and pocketbook issues important to my constituents in the Fourth Congressional District.  My committee covers issues that affect investors, consumers of financial services like banking and insurance, and pension plans."

Prior to the inaugural address, Oxley hosted a breakfast for constituents from the Fourth Congressional District and visitors from throughout Ohio.

"It was heartening to see so many local people come to our nation's capital for the inaugural celebration.  Constituents from nearly every county in the district have been visiting my office almost nonstop, and it's always great to see friends and supporters.  Sometimes people take the peaceful transfer of power in our democracy for granted, but it's an inspiring occasion that many other countries can only dream of emulating.  This is a great day in Washington, and a great day for America."

The Fourth District even had representation in the inaugural parade down Pennsylvania Avenue.  Craig Harmon, Director of the Lincoln Highway National Museum and Archives in Galion, drove a fire truck commemorating the historic road, which bisects the district.

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