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21 JULY 2002 : D+2
Santa Cruz - San Francisco

One unforgettable day of this rally...

Des grognards du Tracbar Dundee 2000 sur la côte californienne...

The TY2002 convoy started its day under a grey sky, not very promising... But quickly, as we were approaching the San Francisco area, along Route #1, the sun got himself warmer and warmer. Most of the clouds went for a walkabout and our lives suddently became ideal, along these absolutely breathtaking sceneries along Pacific Coast.

The cars were gathered just before SF in a little parking area and it is in a noisy group of klaxons
that we entered Main Post central plaza were our hosts were waiting for us... And what a kind of a host ! Our friends from the local San Francisco and Sacramento Citroen club had on site an incredible field of Citroen classic cars lining up waiting for our arrival: 14 ID et DS, 7 SM, 16 2CV, 24 Traction, 1 Panhard Junior, etc... Which is a herd of close to 100 cars with our own cars. A sort of mini californian ICCCR (http://www.icccr.org/). Alain Brie, Président of the San Francisco Citroen car club told us that was the most remarquable Citroen meeting ever held in California. This was a pleasure for all of us. A big thank you from us to Alain Brie, Richard Bonfond, Dennis Bayer, Tony Inson, Ruut & Johanna van der Hoed, Larry Dwyer, Greg & Donna Beemer, Alan & Elisabeth Alameda , Cherilyn Widell and Pat Brie.
(See some pics of this meeting...)

During this memorable day, we also had our usual THANK YOU AMERICA ceremony with 25 local WW2 veterans. our little group of European families had the pleasure once more to publically thank them for all their efforts and sacrifices during last world war. The "star" of the day was this time our good friend Sir Jerry LEWIS, 103 year old, who fought for us in both European wars. He received a standing and emotional ovation from the whole group.

Towards 4.00 pm, once the ceremony over, most of the Citroen on site started forming a wild convoy, and Craig HARMON and its 1964 fire truck opened the road for us, just behind the Police escort... We enter the Golden Gate Bridge and very quickly, the four lanes were full of Traction, DS, 2CV, SM... in an amazing colorful and stunning convoy. The tourist walking on the bridge were cheering us and clapping at these mad frenchmen.

At the exit of the bridge, before to turn into Alexander avenue, Francis Mallard lost his clutch cable.
At the exit of the bridge, before to turn into Alexander ave, Francis Mallard lost his clutch cable. But less that 10 minutes later, he took off thanks to the fast and professional intervention of Philippe CHAUVET one of our expert Traction mechanics. Francis and his 1954 big 15 managed to join the rest of the crew for a memorabe "family photo" on top of the hill above the GGB . Craig and his old Firetruck Maxime that made it to the top, pulled up his huge ladder to raise two giants American and French flags above our cars, with San Francisco Bay in the back ground. The moment was so intense and emotional that nobody wanted to go back in town for diner. This will remain for sure as a day to remember in this Los Angeles to New York rally....
Several teams even came to tell me that if the rally had to stop tomorrow they would be happy with it. That would do it nicely...
Tomorrow will be a resting day for the mechanics, except for the few "popeye" who decided to go and test their brakes and engine power in the street of San Francisco... Will tell you tomorrow if they made it or not...