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Number 5

Henry B. Joy Monument

Dear Friends,

As many of you might not be aware, Henry B. Joy was the first President
of the Lincoln Highway Association.

Henry was quite acomplished in business and was the President of Packard Motor Cars.

In addition, he was also named first Governor of the Chicago Federal Reserve Bank by President Wilson.

In spite of all this success, Henry said, "The Lincoln Highway is the Greatest thing I ever did." In my mind, it was Henry and his leadership at Packard
that made the Dream of the Lincoln Highway become a reality.

Not only did Packard donate $150,000 or the equivilent of about 3 million dollars today,
many of the LHA's key officers and support staff came from Packard.

Packard's Legal team did much of the legal work and the ad department did the press releases and ad slicks.

Henry's father, James Joy, a prominent attorney from Michgan and president of several railroads
was the first to enlist young Abe Lincoln in legal work for the railroads.

Thus began a 10 year relationship that made quite an impression on Mr. Joy.

He passed on his respect and admiration for Mr Lincoln to his son Henry.

This in part no doubt played a role in the naming of America's
first Transcontinental Highway-The Lincoln Highway.

Henry was well traveled and made several trips across the continent
in his famous Packards prior to the 1913 and The Lincoln Highway.

Here is a photo of his 1916 Packard that made one such trip.

Note the Linccoln Highway Radiator Emblem on the Front

As the story goes, on one of these trips he stopped to make camp
near what is now exit 184 on I-80 on the Continental Divide Road.

From this plateau you can see for 20 miles in all directions.

Apparently Henry was so impressed with the landscape and sunset one night
that upon his death he wished to be buried there.

In 1936 Henry passed way, but for some reason was not buried in Wyoming.

Not forgeting his request, on July 2, 1939 after many years of work,
his wife and daughter had erected on the spot a Memorial to their husband and father.

Then for some reason the Monument was moved this year to Sherman Hill,
the highest point on the Lincoln Highway along side the Abe Lincoln Statue.

I don't have a photo of the monument in its original location handy,
but at least you can see what it looks like.

As I passed exit 184 west of Rawlins I stopped to pay tribute and mark the original spot.

If you look closely you can see the disturbed dirt...

This however is what Henry saw and loved...





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